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Simplicity itself – green > buy and red > sell and stars are exit The multi time frame approach keeps traders in sidelines in a choppy sideways market.

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Over the past five years it has proven to be highly profitable, especially when allied to the best time frame, index or stock and time of day.. Its one of the best buy sell trading system on Amibroker available in the market.


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Put it to yes, you will get 3 types of stocks, Passed OK, Passed Weak and Failed.. It has been designed for Amibroker, a leading, widely available charting platform.. Check the image below (click on the image for a bigger view) Millions by Nifty ScannerMechanical traders trade the same stock or commodity or index future every day.. Not every trade is a winner, but historically losses have been much smaller than profits in size.. You can trade all major stocks, indices, commodities and forex with the help of this system.

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While it is accurate for just about any of these three variables, for optimal efficiency it is best to follow the instructions closely.

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Nifty Trading SystemIn the following chart you will see these 2 trades on the Nifty future represent a combined profit of over 60 points! Not every trade is like this, every trade is unique in system trading.. Full stop loss and potential targets are displayed on the screen for money management.. But, the best of the stock should not be traded in worst of the times How to know which stock to trade mechanically for a particular day? We have introduced a new scan called Millions by Nifty Scanner and it knows how to scan stocks for day trading who will perform.. Here are some of the technical chart whichShow How our Trading System Works Millions by NiftyMillons by Nifty = Multi Time Frame Analysis + Powerful Zoom ScanWhat is Millions by Nifty For AmibrokerMillions by Nifty For Amibroker is an advanced indicator trading system that uses a precision trading algorithm and multi timeframe approach to provide precise entry and exit points.. Millions by Nifty Trading System has multipled every single rupee invested by almost 13 times.. These points are BUY/SELL Signal's which you have to follow for Good results for returns.. It is also the only backtested highly profitable amibroker afl code How does it work?The trading system (amibroker afl) comprises of entry and exit signals with an arrow telling you when to buy and when to sell and a star telling you when to exit. 5ebbf469cd